Top down picture of various items arranged in a grid pattern on a table. items from top left to bottom right are as follow: Headphone cables, blue notebook with gold big dipper constellation, lego mercedes f1 car. Next row. green circuit board, headphones, metal computer dock, usb charger hub, mp3 player. Next row. Stream deck, magic trackpad, leather bag. Next row. 3 key keyboard, TKL keyboard, macbook pro, blue iphone

Office Life

Starting with the base, my desk is a 6’ (183cm) workbench from Lowe’s. I much prefer these workbenches because they are more stable and cheaper than desks from office supply companies. Only downside is converting it into a standing desk doesn’t look very straight forward, but that’s a problem for a future me if I so desire to go that route. Since I don’t have a standing desk I sit in the EgoChair Pro in blue

For the most part I end up rocking with Apple devices. iPhone, Apple Watch, MacBook Pro M1 Max are my current devices.

I’ll keep my laptop docked 90% of the time via a CalDigit TS4 Dock. Filling up all my USB ports on the dock are my keyboard—Keychron K2 Cherry MX Brown with /dev/tty keycaps, mic—Elgato Wave:3 with Elgato mic arm, webcam—Logitech Brio, and Steam Deck. I don’t use a mouse, but the Magic TrackPad instead. As for what I stare at all day I use the GigaByte Aorus FO48U, though be cautious as OLED burn-in isn’t a joke 😬.

Dev Stuff

I use three different editors for various reasons. My primary editor of choice is Webstorm. I love it for its powerful IDE feature like really robust refactoring. I also use VSCode for mostly using Nx Console and for running multiple projects side by side, so I know which one is (i.e. webstorm and vscode side by side). Finally, I like using LunarVim for basic text editing or for demos that involve an editor and showing the console, this way I only have to record on window.

That window being my terminal app of choice, Warp,.

For fonts in all my editors and terminals I currently am using MonoLisa. Though I also like, Dank Mono, Comic Code, and Fira Code. I also prefer the Night Owl Theme by Sarah Drasner

Other Useful Apps

Navigating around my computer I like to use Raycast. CleanShotX for screenshots/recording my screen.Cron and SparkMail for multi account management of my calendar and email respectively. Finally, I really like using Centered for focusing my getting tasks done.



I’ve semi recently starting hoarding collecting Vinyl records. You can see my current collection on Discogs. My current set up is a Fluance RT82 with an acrylic slipmat. This is connected to a Schiit Mani and ran into an Emotiva TA-100 then out to my Pioneer SP-BS22-LR speakers (looking to upgrade to different speakers some day). While I love vinyl collecting I do, I initially started collecting/listening to digital music and have amassed quite a few things since I started.

My current setup my digital source into a Schiit Modius DAC, then the balanced output goes into my Topping A90 amp. The unbalanced input goes to my Singxer SA-1 amp. I also have an ifi Zen Can that is connected to the pre outs of the A90.

As for headphones, I use mainly my HIFIMan Sundara, but also have on hand

…and I think a couple other headphones that are in storage somewhere that I never use anymore.

That is just in my office. In the living room I also listen to music throughout the day, where I have my big speakers a stereo pair of JBL Studio 580 powered by a Yamaha RX-V4A Receiver.

The music is streamed from my NAS via Roon to a Raspberry Pi running RoPieee. I also use Spotify Connect on the receiver if I don’t have the music on my NAS. Speaking of my NAS…


On my network I have a Synology NAS to store all my music, movies, various files and documents.

The NAS feeds my home server that runs my Roon server, Plex Media Server and various other internal services I like to mess around with—mostly home automation platforms.

The network consists of Unifi devices and I also use Unifi Protect devices for security cameras around the house

Don’t forget to keep your stuff on battery backup!

I also like Kline Tools for networking tools like ethernet testers and crimpers

Car Detailing

Sing it with the feeling now, car wash yeah

Now washing a car doesn’t seem like a hobby, and it isn’t really for me, but it’s something I do and have found a handful of products I’ve found useful and wanted to list them here. I blame Jessica Tran on TikTok for me falling into this rabbit hole.

So I’m just going to list stuff here and do what you want with that.