Curious to know what gear I use? Fret no more. Just check it out here 😃

Editors and Terminals

Because I use both Windows and MacOS bases machines I try to keep things cross compatible as possible, hence my love of JetBrains products.

  • For writing all things .NET I reach for Rider. With reSharper built in it's great for getting up to speed on .NET conventions fast.
  • For all my frontend or Node needs I reach for WebStorm. The refactor abilities are amazing (not exclusive to WebStorm) and just a joy to use.
  • What might also strike as odd, but I still use VSCode, but mainly for as my text editor replacement, like how people use NotePad++. I write lots of PowerShell for work.
  • For a terminal, I use Terminus

My themes and settings vary all the time, but at the current moment, this is what I'm rocking


  • 2018 15" MacBook Pro is my currently daily driver for personal computing
  • I also follow suit by using an iPhone X and an Apple Watch Series 3
  • I switch things up by running an custom built Ubuntu based home server. I also have a Synology DS918+ for my home NAS and love it.
  • I have an older gaming PC when I get the itch to play, but those days are fewer and far between these days. I mostly play casual single player games on the Switch at the current moment.
  • I love brown key switches and use two different keyboards, for my desk at work and home I use the Logitech G610 for portable needs I use the Keychron K2, works great on MacOS too!
  • Mouse of choice, Logitech G502. I dare you to find a better mouse. 😉
  • I've been using this Thule Messenger Bag since 2015 and it's just now showing signs of wear and tear. It's a great bag!

I also keep an assortment of headphones based on need. I've moved all audio gear to a breakout page.

Must Have Apps

I do have a few platform exclusives but for the most part I try to keep everything the same across platforms.

  • I use GitKraken for all my git work. I just perfer a GUI to not remembering all the git commits. Helps when working on teams so I don't accidentally bust the repo.
  • Docker Desktop is great for keeping the same tooling across machines. I especially love it for spinning up development databases.
  • Need to play the video file, but hey what's that? You don't have that codec installed? Well time to reach for one and only VLC
  • Big fan of RoyalTS for all my remoting needs. I mainly use RDP but they have support for other protocols like VNC and more!
  • I got all those headphones so I need a source. That's where Spotify comes in. I music genre hop so much my daily mixes are all over the place.


  • I have a custom s3 bucket set up for automatic uploading via ShareX. I absolutely love it!


I have a few more exclusives for MacOS, this is mainly because I find more highly specific software for MacOS

  • In place of ShareX I use, Clean Shot X but at the current moment there isn't support for custom uploading. I hope that changes some times in the future.
  • A 💪 emoji game is a must! That's why I use 🚀 Rocket.
  • Daisy Disk is great utility to help me keep those node_modules folders at bay.


Here is what's on my phone!

  • I rocket lots of Google smart speakers, and the only podcast app that supports Chromecast is Pocket Casts. It's a great podcast player
  • Endlessly scrolling your thing? You must browse Reddit, let me intoduce you to the best reddit client on iOS, Apollo is just a labor of love by a really cool dev.


Security and privacy is something I've started taking more seriously as I get older. These are some things that help me do that

  • I got tired of seeing my gmail getting gunked up with spam so I've moved all important emailing to ProtonMail and haven't looked back.
  • I also use another service from Proton Technologies, their VPN. ProtonVPN is another great product from a company I can stand behind.
  • Multi-factored Authentication, is very important. I've taken it step further by not just using softtokens, but also hardware keys. I use YubiKeys for security keys and gives me a great peace of mind for those accounts secured with them.
  • A password manager is a must have in this day and age. I highly recommend 1Password.

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